About Class

Welcome to “Computergestützte Entwurfs- und Zeichentechniken” or how to sketch, draw, create on a tablet with Programs like Photoshop and/or Illustrator.

Please read through this page before starting class.

Info for “Mitbeleger*innen”


The Course will be held in eight appointments.
For the first six you’ll get a new Class-Chapter every time. There will be videos, text and images for you to work on during the week in your own time before the next class. You’ll have a few Home-Assignments every week that you should upload to our padlet file.

On Thursdays in Practice we’ll have a look at your uploads as well as work together on some practice files. Thursdays session will be held hybrid. Which means there are 8 places in the computerstudio that can be preferably used by Angewandte-students who don’t have access to a tablet and Adobe Programms themselves. Here is the Termino for the first 3 Sessions.

The last two classes I will be answering questions live for images you sent me, where you want to know more about the techniques applied, etc. More info on this will follow.

Time needed:

Prepare to invest around 3-4 hours weekly plus 1,5 hours for the Practice on Thursday. This time frame of course very much depends on your prior knowledge and can be a bit less or more.

Info: All of class can be theoretically done at home alone by yourself, but experience has shown that you’ll finish more easily and learn more if you take part in Thursday classes and finish uploads weekly. Plus, its nice to see and get to know each other.

The Padlet

Here you’ll upload jpgs of your Home-Assignments and Practice.

Padlet Link: https://padlet.com/birgithertel/cez_ss21

How to:

Please create a column with your name and then during the course upload your files one by one. Have a look at my Example Column in the padlet on the right.

Padlet rules:

  • Start the Name of your Post with the matching Class (f.e. “Class 01 – …”)
    or Practice (f.e. “Practice 04 – …”)
  • Post specific questions you had with your uploaded image, so me or others can answer them.
  • If you want feedback from others, please write “feedback is welcome” or FW in your post.
  • If giving feedback, be kind and constructive
  • If you see great work done by others go ahead and give it a like.

Class Material

In the base you’ll find a folder called
“2021S – S02875 – Computergestützte Entwurfs- und Zeichentechniken”

In it there’s a folder “Class-Videos” with all the Videos that you’ll find on the website, in case you want to download them.

Also there’s also a folder called “Class-Material” where I’ll upload the images, brushes, final files for reference, goodies, etc. for each class every week.


If you have general questions you can either post them with your upload to the padlet or you take a note and ask them in the Thursdays session.

If you get stuck at some point, or things don’t work as expected please write me an email and I’ll provide immediate support.


The deadline for all uploads is 10th of June.
(If you are almost finished by then and just need a few more days write me an email.)

Your grade depends on how much of the Home-Assignments and Practice Files you’ll upload and if you’ll send in the Question-Images for the last two classes in time.

60% or less = no grade
60% to 70% = befriedigend
70% to 85% = gut
85% to 100% = sehr gut

Thanks for reading! Now let’s start: