About Class

Welcome to “Photoshop advanced”.

Please read through this page before starting class.


The Course is structured in six chapters. There are videos, text and images for you to work on in your own time. You’ll have a few Home-Assignments that you should upload to the Base.

Time needed: Prepare to invest around 3 hours per chapter. This time frame of course very much depends on your prior knowledge and can be a bit less or more.

The Base Folder

In the base you’ll find a folder called
“2024S – S20421 – Photoshop für Fortgeschrittene”
Inside the folder “Student Files” please add a folder with your full Name and the create a folder for each chapter. I included an example folder to see what I mean. It should look like this:

Class Material

In the base folder there’s a folder “Class-Videos” with all the Videos that you’ll find on the website, in case you want to download them.

Also there’s also a folder called “Class-Material” where I’ll upload the images, brushes, final files for reference, goodies, etc. for each class every week.


If you get stuck at some point, or things don’t work as expected please write me an email and I’ll provide immediate support.

Also: I have office hours for student support from Monday through Wednesday from 10 – 16 and you can always come by to just quickly ask a question or have something explained in more detail. Don’t hesitate!

Finishing Class and Grades

The deadline for all uploads is 21th of June.

When you are ready and have uploaded all files please write me an email so I know that you are finished and I can give you a grade.

Your grade depends on how much of the Home-Assignments you’ll upload.
60% or less = no grade
60% to 70% = befriedigend
70% to 85% = gut
85% to 100% = sehr gut

Thanks for reading! Now let’s start: