CEZ – Practice

Practice – Class 02

Combining multiple layers and clipping masks plus the more painterly blending methods, like we used for the sphere, we can approach the next practice. Sketching and painting this duck.

50 min. challange: Try painting the duck.
Sketch, paint, refine. Give yourself no more than 45-50 min. for the whole thing. Save a jpg in your padlet.

Use this duck-starter.psd file (also in the Class 02 – Folder) and paint next to the photo (not on top!). Start with a sketch. Block in your colors, refine by blending and using the Mixer Brush and the Smudge Tool. Add more details then some high lights. Here is a brush that you can use.

Below are step by step videos. Try on your own before watching.

Sketching & Base Colour

Rough Colours, Blending, Details and High Lights

Fine Tune, Overall Light and Shadow

Now we can tweak the overll lighting a bit more and do some final fine tuning.

You can do this by grouping all of your previous work and then clip some layers to that group. Use Blend Modes that lighten up like Screen, Color Dodge,.. for lights and also work an the overall shadows if needed in a layer that is clipped an is set to darkening Blend Mode like Multiply.

A trick to get sketchy, stylised contours is to use your original sketch and set it to Linear Light and then clip a layer to it to paint different colours in it. Darker areas will darken your painting and lighter ones will lighten it

Practice – Class 01

This time we’ll take brushes we already created and try to recreate the following examples or something similar. Choose at least two.