Keyboard Shortcuts – After Effects

Keyboard shortcuts – After Effects

For all shortcuts the following rules apply:

  • On Windows → Command = Strg
  • On older Keyboards and on Windows → option = Alt

To quickly open the different “Transform” properties of a selected layer in AE press the following keys:

TOpacity (think t like transcparency)
AAnchor Point

To navigate in the timeline you may use the following shortcuts:

J / KGo to previous (J) or next (K) visible item in time ruler
(keyframe, layer marker, work area beginning or end)
Igo to in point (start) of selected layer
Ogo to out point (end) of selected layer
Ushow only properties with keyframes
UUshow only properties that have been modified
Eshow effects
EEproperties with expressions
command + arrow left/rightgo one frame back/forward

To show certain other properties:

FMask Feather
MMask Path
TTMask Opacity
LAudio Levels
LLAudio Waveform
RRTime Remap

Adding, manipulating and navigating markers:

shift + 0Add marker called “0”
shift + 1Add marker called “1”
shift + …this goes for all numbers
0go to marker “0”
1go to marker “1”
same with other numbers