Praxismodul III

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The aim of this class is to get to know Figma and it’s possibilities for creating not only user interface, web and app designs and prototype some basic animations but also for quickly wireframing any design idea and working in a collaborative way.

We’ll not go into the details of the designing process and theory itself because that would of course be too much for just this class. If you are interested in more I definitely recommend this:

Further Reading
Learn Design – Course from figma about designing
The people over at have put together an extensive course about designing for UI/UX that also applies to many other areas of design as well. It’s a great read with lot’s more resources and links to dive into this subject even more.

Before we start you need to

create a Figma Account here.

Also if you want to you can upgrade your plan to a free Student-Account, which gives you unlimited Users in your teams.

Apply for Student Account here.

After registering you can start Class.
The Class Material itself is all in one Figma File.

Click here to go to the Class file.

and here

Create a copy of this file for yourself.

You’ll then find your file in your Drafts Folder.

You’ll find all the other Info inside the file.
Work through it page by page. Do all the exercises and have fun!

Once your finished you can then share your file with me to get your grade.
Here’s info on how to share.