PSadv – 06

This time you’ll learn how to clean up images and how to use the stamp tool, the healing brush and patch tool in detail and also how to apply content aware fill correctly.

We will then apply the frequency separation technique we learend in the portrait class to other images and also, to make it easier I’ll show you how to create your own automated photoshop action.

Home Assignment

Work along the below video and “clean” the wall/door, car and the jacket. Also try two files from the practice files folder. Upload to base.

Note: the next video has no sound but you can figure out the workflow by just watching. That’s a great practice:

Next let’s apply all those tools to a fun project and also learn how to animate simple movements in photoshop. Take note, that if you want to create more complex animations I recommend the use of after effects or similar tools.

Also in this one I’ll explain RAW development, how to use Camera Raw as a smart effect or on jpgs and how to fine tune colors and brightness in images with a lot of adjustment layers and masking certain areas.

Home Assignment

Recreate this animation.