PSadv – 04

Home Assignment

Watch the videos and either recreate the squirrel attacking the capitol OR create you own giant animal montage. You can use either the images in the Folder → Class – 04 → more examples → practice files or you search for images on the web. High quality licence free images can be found on or

Masking with different contrast areas

with the help of alpha channels.

Montage of two or more Photos

When combining images we need to use the knowledge we gained in the last lessons. First of all we need to separate images from their original background and put them in a new image. Second we should have a close look at the following image characteristics.

  • Quality of light – harsh with strong shadow or overcast and soft shadows
  • Light direction – from the top, behind, evenly distributed
  • Number of light sources
  • Color of shadows and lights
  • Color casts or color mood in destination image
  • Grain – color and or luminance noise, size and strength

If you’re shooting (or rendering) the footage yourself take great care about all of these matching as closely as possible while photographing. As all of these characteristics have to be matched while compositing, which can be time consuming and difficult and in some cases impossible and you can only try to get as close as possible. Especially light direction and quality of light have to match well to achieve the impression of a fitting image.

In the next video we’ll see how we can, to some extent “fake” the light situation and also how we can add shadows to our montaged images tor create a not so realistic montage. Think movie poster…

Please ignore me talking about grading and things in the beginning, as this video is from last summer semester 🙂 (Thus also the different haircut)

First part – separating the squirrel and minor retouch:

Second part – montage: